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Volunteer With Restorative Justice Chatham-Kent

Who Do We Want?

We are always looking for energetic, compassionate and dedicated community members to volunteer with our agency in a variety of capacities. Our volunteers are an invaluable asset, it is because they come from various life experiences, careers, educational backgrounds, and skill sets. We are looking for individuals who are happy to make a commitment to Restorative Justice Chatham-Kent for approximately two years (or more!).

What areas of volunteering interest you? There are several ways that volunteers can contribute to Restorative Justice Chatham-Kent:

  • Participating in Restorative Justice Conferences as a Community Justice Representative (following training provided)
  • Assisting with education and awareness projects to the public/community of Chatham-Kent
  • Assisting with fundraising and marketing campaigns
  • Becoming a trained Charity Bingo Volunteer
  • Assisting with Data Collection and Evaluation
  • Providing administrative support in and around the office as needed
  • Carrying out research on behalf of the agency in areas such as resources for clients, and or Restorative Justice resources generally
  • Becoming a Member of the Board of Directors

The process: If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in any of the above capacities, please fill out the Volunteer Application and send by fax, e-mail, or mail to Restorative Justice Chatham-Kent.

If your completed application meets our requirements, we will get in contact and invite you to an interview. Upon successful completion of our screening interview, you will be required to provide us with a valid and recent Criminal Records Check from the Chatham-Kent Police Service, (‘recent’ meaning it is dated within six months prior to the date this application is made). As you can understand, being in a position of trust in dealing with the youth of our community requires a Criminal Records Check as well as reference checks. These requirements are necessary for the protection of our youth.

Once you are accepted as a volunteer with Restorative Justice Chatham-Kent, you will be required to attend our Volunteer Orientation/Education Program, where you will be given specific training in the areas of Restorative Justice; working with adolescents; community resources and other topics relevant to service delivery. Our Volunteer Orientation/Education Program is offered on an as-needed basis.

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