Staff at Restorative Justice Chatham-Kent would love the opportunity to educate local community members, groups, organizations and businesses about the programs and services currently offered at RJCK. The greater the number of people who are aware of what we have to offer, the greater the number of local children and youth who can be reached and positively impacted!

Moreover, we welcome the chance to deliver group presentations about issues our children and youth are continually faced with. Examples of topic areas: social media and cyberbullying, substance use, peer pressure, anger management and communication.

Please connect via email at for more information about a community presentation! Alternatively, you may call the RJCK office at 519-380-0931

Crime Prevention Restorative Justice Chatham Kent - credit Vicki Gough/The Chatham Daily News/Postmedia Network

Vicki Gough/The Chatham Daily News/Postmedia Network